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Oct 26 2010

The Kind of Girls You Want to Marry

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To me there are many many types of attractive females out there but for the purposes of this article I’ll separate them into two parts.  There are the hot chicks that affect you and there are those that don’t affect you.  The ones that don’t are the types you just want to have sex with.

However, the ones that do affect you?  They have the kind of look where you’d practically give up your entire life to be with them…even though you don’t know them from a hole in the wall.  Those are the kind of hot ladies whose pictures I have gathered today.

Here is a torturous collection of “Marriage Material” girls….

See that dog on the left there?  I love dogs but I swear to God I would kill that dog and eat it if that’s what that check wanted me to do.

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2 responses so far

  • typoid

    oh i see, someone has a foot fetish. great pix btw :)

  • Fernando

    Where is Natalie Portman? damn it



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