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Oct 25 2010

iPhone Chicks Love to Take Pictures of Themselves

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Man this girl has an attitude doesn’t she?  I must admit I kind of like it though.  Funny that with all this technology most people just use it to improve their already dastardly ways.  Think about the iPhone and it’s use for some people.  All the girls you are about to see just used their cell phones to take vane pictures of themselves.

Now they’ve improved the quality of these photos.   Isn’t that lovely?  I’m such a fan of technology aren’t you?

Enjoy these sexy iPhone gals….

With all due respect to this chick.   I don’t know her from a hole in the wall but I’m willing to bet that the first thing that popped into her head before she went out that night was….”I can’t wait to go suck some d*ck.”  Right?  I mean that had to be it.  You can also check out COED’s iPhone chick gallery.

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  • Fernando

    Number 3,11,14, and 15 need to be in my bed telling me stop and they can’t take it anymore hahahahah a



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