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Oct 22 2010

Times When It’s Actually Good to be Hungover

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I know you’re looking at this title and thinking to yourself “what the hell is this guy talking about?”  I know, I know.  Is there ever really a good time to be hungover?  In the conventional sense clearly not.  I mean being hungover sucks.   No one likes to feel like they’re going to puke and no one likes suffering brutal headaches.

However, from a philosophical standpoint there are actually times when being hungover is pretty good.  In fact there are times that it’s pretty awesome.

Here are four that you might agree with….

After a One Night Stand

I’m not saying that all one night stands are great.  But let’s live in a fantasy world for a second.  Assume there are no STD’s or anything like that.  And let’s assume life is what it’s like in college.  Virtually no worry.  In this scenario it’s great to have a hangover because it symbolizes the fact that you got laid and have a great story to tell your buddies.  Bottom line?  It’s evidence.

Any weekend in college as long as you have friends

Look back on college.  Seriously take a hard look.  Was there ever really a bad hangover in your life there?  The answer is sure in terms of you actually feeling bad.  But was it a bad experience when you look back on it?  No way.  Why?  Because you had other friends that were hungover and it was awesome.  All of you were able to share the misery.  I mean I’d rather be hungover with all my friends sharing funny stories than alone, not hungover and sitting on my ass.

When It’s So Bad It Helps

These are what I call “teach you a lesson” hangovers.  Sometimes it’s good to get so trashed that your hangover tells you “dude, you can’t be doing that like that, it’s just bad.”  Then you’ll be a good boy for a little while.  We need a good kick in the ass from time to time.  A solid, brutal headache hangover will do that to you.

Once in a Blue Moon as a Parent

This is strictly the kind of hangover that makes you nostalgic.  It’s not often as a parent that you really get after it on a weekend.  Once in a while you get pretty smashed and you actually miss the hangovers you used to have.  As Ron Livingston said in Swingers “its like you miss the pain.”

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  • pw

    I’m 28, so I’m about 4 years out of the “wow I really miss college, that shit was the funnest thing ever” phase of my life. But the part about being hungover in college with friends is dead on and makes me want to go back to those days I wake up now on the weekends by myself in my apartment after a night of drinking with my friends with no hangover at all, feel great, eat a good breakfast run some errands and get on with my weekend. life is pretty good.

    what I would give for a semester of drinking from 4 til 8 go home take a nap, drink 2 bottles of gatorade and 2 energy drinks and drinking til 4 in the morning. The next day is the best even though you feel like shit. you get to talk about what a crazy night it was; you order pizza and wings with all the beer can money you have, and you talk about how shit canned your gonna get later that night. those were the days. I cant wait til my reunion later this month. rugby is tough to play when your hungover/still drunk but atleast you wont be the only one



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