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Oct 22 2010

He’s a Dancing Fiend, With Cats

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Whether this picture is phtooshopped or not (I really, really, really, really hope it’s not, but I doubt it), it just made me laugh for a solid five minutes. I’m pretty sure it was taken in Germany, because only people there would be that sweaty with that look on their face wearing black jeans. Yes, that is a generalization, but I believe it to be true.

As for the cats? Japanese. Only Japan would, or could, train their cats to do such things. They might even be robots.

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7 responses so far

  • Oliver

    It is shopped. I have seen the original I just can’t remember where. Also pay close attention to the shadows on the cats and the boy.

  • http://nope nono

    Hate to tell ya, but it is def shopped. Didnt even have to enlarge the pic. look at the perfect outlines of black around the lil kitties =(

  • http://wordpress.thisisthestoryof.com Shamus

    The picture of this kid “slamdancing” has been numerously photoshopped for years.

  • damian

    it’s Ray and Beef!

  • saveli

    That’s russian guy, and yep, it’s really photoshopped. I’ve seen before different pics with these cats, whose later were added to crazy dancer.


    I see a new “Haterz Gonna Hate” pic here.

  • http://www.ihavecat.com ihavecat

    even if it’s photo shopped it’s pretty hysterical. the guy’s expression..the cats expressions! bahaha



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