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Oct 21 2010

Three Key Things Americans Are Too Lazy To Do For Themselves

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America is lazy.  Pure and simple.  Clearly this is an entire book that needs to be written but I truly believe that the reason our country is in the state it’s in is because our core feeling in this country is one of entitlement and laziness.  You wonder why other countries are passing us economically?  They’re not lazy.

You wonder why we keep shitting the bed out there?  It’s because somewhere along the way we didn’t think we had to do anything anymore.  And I argue that there are three key things that are responsible for our demise.

Three things that we as a country are just too lazy to do.  And here they are…..

Manage Their Own Money

Think about where this country would be if most Americans knew how to manage their own money.  I don’t even want to start on how much that pisses me off.  Put it this way.  Think about where we’d be if everyone just put their money away in a piggy bank where they couldn’t lose any instead of getting greedy and going after 20% returns or buying things they couldn’t afford expecting the country to make it OK.   The sad thing is that most people are just as smart if not smarter than money managers and financial institutions.  I’m not even joking.   Reading a few articles, literally like 2 hours of your time can make you a better investor than people you hand over thousands of dollars to.

Work…Like for Real Work

Having worked for myself for the last three years I truly understand how little the American really works.  Most people that have office jobs do maybe an hour of work a day…at best.  The rest of the time is spent surfing the internet, period.  Anyone who tells you different is lying.  Hell I have friends that are lawyers that make good money who post more regularly to their fantasy baseball boards then making calls to clients or reading about anything work related.  You wonder why other countries are catching up to us.  This country feels entitled and it sucks.   Get off your ass and follow your dreams.  That or at least learn to work hard and be successful at something.  That way you can build the tools necessary to make it on your own.   Oh and let’s not forget that even those who “work” are too lazy to do work.  We bitch about outsourcing and how everything should be done in America.  How do you think that all happened in the first place?  Because it’s cheaper?  Bullshit.  It’s because people are too lazy to take on more responsibility and we hire other people to do our dirty work.

Stay in Shape

It’s amazing how much more serious I’ve seen Americans get about their food than anything else.  I mean we’re talking mouth watering, making sure everything is just so.  I know people that really don’t mess around when it comes to a hot dog.  It’s sad to know they take their food this seriously but not their own lives.  And I tell ya.  You can eat whatever the hell you want if you’d just stay in shape.  I mean how many loud breathers do you hear on a daily basis?  How many more people have to die of heart disease? This country is becoming disgusting and it all starts from being in shape and feeling good about yourself.   Stop coming up with stupid electronic gadgets to tighten your abs.  Get out there and WORK.

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  • hickes01

    “Having worked for myself for the last three years I truly understand how little the American really works.”

    Dear Natty,

    Do you mean you’ve worked for all or three years or that it only took you three years to figure it out? Either way, kiss my ass junior. Talk to me in twenty years when actually accomplished something.

    • Natty

      Actually accomplished something? If you only knew Hickes. I’ve been in the “real world” for 10 years now. Very curious what you do for a living.



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