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Oct 21 2010

GQ in Trouble for Having Glee High Schoolers on Cover

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The stupid controversy of the day award goes to the hulabaloo surrounding GQ, which is begin accused of “pedophilia” because of this issue which has some shots of the hotter cast members in underwear and short skirts. They’re high schoolers after all, right?

Uh, wrong.

Actually, despite being in high school ON TV, in real life the actors you see above are 24, 24 and 26 respectively. I didn’t hear any outcry when a million forty five year old housewives were drooling over Taylor Lautner’s abs when he was 16 in the movie, and actually 17 in real life. That’s far more creepy than this ever could be, but the kinds of people who protest stuff like this are exactly the kinds of people who love Twilight, so it all makes sense.

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