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Oct 21 2010

A Collection of Super Tight Dresses

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There are times I wonder what the hell women are thinking.  I’ll use a quote from Jerry Seinfeld to explain it better.  “I don’t understand how you can pluck an eyebrow, rip that hair right from the root!  And still be afraid of a spider.”  That to me is the essence of a woman.

In that same token it’s amazing the lengths women go to fit into certain clothes.  From wearing “spanks” which are like bicycle shorts to actually using pliers to get pants on, they really try way too hard.

A tight dress though?  Ladies, take all the time you need.  Check out how well these bad boys fit….

And let’s be very clear about The Chive watermarks.  The Chive took these pictures from somewhere else.  The Chive never found these first.  I’m just too lazy to take their watermarks off.  Thanks.

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