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Oct 20 2010

Six Sensitive Professions Where You Wouldn’t Believe People Slack

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Most professions in the world don’t exactly require the most accuracy or work ethic.  I mean if you’re sitting at a desk all day making copies or entering data you don’t have to be in tip top shape.  Hell even if you’re in court defending a criminal you can read your arguments and cross examination questions.

However, there are certain jobs that require more precision and sensitivity that if you make the slightest mistake you can cost people lives.  Yet even so, people are human.  People will do what they do.   I just find it hard to believe that even in these extreme jobs that people would dare mess with other people’s lives.

But it happens every day…..


Think about this one for a second.  There are millions of people getting surgery all the time.  Sometimes it could be minor and sometimes it might be life saving.  Either way, do you have any idea how many surgeons come to work hungover, sometimes drunk and God forbid on drugs?  Yes.  It happens.  Why?  Because they’re human.  Pretty bad spot to be human in though don’t you think?


I swear to God I feel like Pilots are the modern day Catholic Church criminals.  I feel like every single day a new pilot is busted for being drunk on the job.  What the hell is their problem?  I mean really?  Driving drunk is bad enough but you really have to have a couple of cold ones before taking 200 people’s lives into your own hands?

Giant Crane Operators

I can’t even possibly imagine someone not being 100% alert in a job like this.  I’ve heard stories of guys operating multi-million dollar equipment, the kind of crane that’s like 200 ft high, while completely stoned.  These are the people we have working for us.   Thanks guys.   I feel really safe.

NASA Engineers

Yup, even people at NASA don’t give a shit sometimes.  I mean you’d think that going to the moon might mean something.  Nope.  People would rather go out partying the night before.

Plane Mechanics and Security Personnel

I’ve actually heard about this first hand.   I happen to know of a guy who used to work for an airline who told me all the pre-flight check stuff is all crap.  He said they don’t do shit.  They don’t check any instruments and barely make repairs.  And let’s not even get started on the security people.  We all know they don’t do jack squat.

Drug Counselors

You would think that if you’re running a drug counseling programming that you wouldn’t be doing drugs yourself.   You’d be surprised at how many clinic heads are actually addicts themselves.   Seems a little ironic, don’t you think?

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6 responses so far

  • USCbadfish

    So you just grabbed a few occupations and said “these people don’t care some times.” No facts, sources or examples? Did you know that police officers slack off. Yeah, I heard once that this cop didn’t care about things and stuff. Can you believe that?

  • http://bob.com bob

    absolutely agree, this is like a cracked article without any interesting or funny examples and no evidence.

  • Tim

    bahahahahahaha! Well played.

  • Azrock

    I gotta agree with the previous poster. What an idiotic article.

  • Mycroft

    Pilots make like 20,000-35,000 dollars a year because of government practices put in place by Regan, making it impossible for them to do things other people take for granted, like collectively bargain. Its not that they are slackers, its that most of them are working two or three jobs and their lives suck. And go figure depressed people are more likely to fuck around at work.

  • Jen

    This was a TERRIBLE article. I could give examples of how and why it was a terrible article, or maybe at least try to be a little funny or insightful, but that would mean I’d be putting more effort into this comment than the author put into this dross.



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