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Oct 19 2010

Four Reasons Why Surprise Parties Can Suck

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Over the past weekend I attended a surprise birthday party and quite frankly I just kind of thought it was lame.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s a very sweet gesture but so many things have to go right for it to be pulled off that it’s just not worth it.   Then again, if it’s pulled off properly I’m not 100% against it.

However, 9 out of 10 times something does seem to go wrong and that’s why I would never want one thrown for me.  And here are four reasons why a surprise party can really suck…..

The Bad Reaction

So you’re in a relationship with someone.  And you’ve explicitly expressed your distaste for surprise parties.  I mean you’ve adamantly explained that you hate them and want no part of them.  Your partner then throws you one.  What the hell else are you supposed to say?  I’ve seen this happen and I’ve seen when people react poorly and are sincerely pissed when it happens.  Just don’t do that to someone.  Ever.

It’s annoying to keep a secret

Secrets secrets are no fun.  Secrets secrets hurt someone.  I mean of all things you have to keep a secret about it’s some party?  I can’t stand that.  I hate having to look at the other person and be all spooky.  It’s aggravating.  Just throw a party we can all look forward to.  Whatever.

Even More Annoying When They Try to Figure it Out

I could do without all the “so what are you guys doing?” with the suspicious face crap.  I mean just let it be will ya?  Stop trying to figure it out and for God’s sake if you do just pretend you didn’t know.  It’s just pointless to ruin it yourself if you know a party is being thrown for you.

Someone Ruins the Surprise

The most obvious yet something that needed to be said.  Surprise parties are extremely hard to pull off and an entire month of planning can be ruined by a little five year old running their mouth.  That or some dumb ass adult who blew their whistle.  And then you throw the party anyway because you have to.  Talk about useless.

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