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Oct 19 2010

No, Seriously: Tattoos on Pigs

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Look, I know it’s a common practice for us humans to ink ourselves up with Tattoos.   However I must admit I find it a little odd that pet owners would do the same to their pets.   And pigs?  What the hell is going on here?

I mean I guess the color of their skin and the fact that they look hairless is a helpful factor but come on.  Tattoos?  And with all due respect what about the ones who are going to be slaughtered for bacon and pork and stuff?

I gotta eat tattoo ink in Oscar Meyer?  I sure as hell hope not.

Here are some weird pig tattoos…..

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  • http://www.hghreviews.org/ Eric

    Even in cartoon format Emma Watson is dreamy.

  • Fnord

    These aren’t pets, and the art is not there to decorate the pigs. The tattoo artists are using them for practice.

    Think about it. Would you let a beginner try out his new tattoo kit on you? Or would you volunteer to be inked with a tricky new technique that the artist has never tried before?

    It’s not as if they can use scratch paper.



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