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Oct 15 2010

The Six Most Annoying “Wake You Up” Sounds

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Just this morning I awoke to the lovely sounds of the sanitation department doing their jobs.  Normally I wouldn’t mind this except for the fact their jobs were being done at 6am.   Usually it’s a little later than that so I don’t mind as much but even I who wakes up at 6:30 was a little taken aback by this greeting.

No one likes to wake up.  That’s a fact.  But I tell you, what you actually wake up to can really determine your mood in the morning.  A natural wake up is the best.  But if it’s something “special” that wakes you up? No fun.

Here are the six most annoying “wake you up” sounds…..

Garbage Truck Pickup

I happen to be greeted with this lovely sound twice a week.  It’s especially annoying if the garbage men are really uppity and you hear them chatter.  It’s also really nice to hear the loud sounds of when they smash around your garbage cans.  Yeah that’s a real pleasure.  Nothing’s as nice a sound as filth being crush by a metal machine at 6 am.


I’m not sure which sound is more annoying:  a leaf blower or a lawn mower.  I guess it depends on the sound of the lawnmower but there’s zero question that a leaf blower might be one of the most annoying sounds in the world.  Especially when it’s coming at you at the butt crack of dawn.  I mean it’s nice to have a green lawn and no leaves on it but come on guys!

Construction – Metal Beams or Drilling

I think anyone who lives in Manhattan or any other city with lots of skyscrapers can attest to this one.  Why the hell do cities allow drilling to take place before 7am?  Is this intentionally to piss us off?  Seriously, I don’t understand it.  And there’s a metal beam thing whenever a street fair takes place.  The cleanup from these things produces sounds I care not to remember.


It doesn’t happen often but sometimes there are birds going nuts or other little critters that happen to be right outside your window that drive you insane.

Children Playing

To all you parents out there I don’t know how you do it.   Every friggin’ kid out there under the age of 12 is an early riser.  Can’t one child in America sleep in?  Especially on weekends.  I mean really?  This is especially bad if there are siblings.   It’s absolutely brutal to wake up to the sound of kids arguing or wrestling or whatever the hell else they do.

Hair Dryer

I’m going to kill my wife.  Seriously.

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  • James Krellner

    I agree with all those and add one more. When the g/f wakes up and decides to do dishes. All that shit clankingtogether and the dishwasher drawers as she pushed them in and out to load the clanky dishes. Makes me want to scream!!!

  • http://goodstuff4u.multiply.com/photos/album/36/HOT_CHICKS_and_links GOODSTUFF

    you city guys forgot “dogs barking”

    Barbecue puppy this weekend

  • Spliffer

    So we had the World Cup here a couple of months ago (I’m in Cape Town).
    My mate stays in a flat above the fan walk. He got woken by hundreds of vuvuzelas every day for a month.



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