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Oct 15 2010

The Future Is Upon Us

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Does anyone else find the future a little strange?  It’s one thing if our future consisted of new planets and us flying around in space.  It’s another if the future consists of our existing environment containing tons of “new stuff.”  Like for example it would be weird walking around New York City where everything looks the same but all of a sudden the traffic lights are all modern.

Yet you’d still see trees.  You’d still see the same roads, etc etc.  I don’t know I just thought I’d bring that up.  Point is, that stuff is starting to crop up everywhere and I think it’s kind of strange.

Speaking of which, here are some examples…..

I always find it odd that objects and material things will change and look more like this but we’ll still have grass and trees and stuff.   Like those things will never be more modern.  Isn’t that kind of weird?  Seriously, think about it.

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