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Oct 14 2010

Things That We Are Tricked into Thinking Are Healthy

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If there’s one thing I can’t stand about our country it’s the way we’re duped into thinking certain foods will kill us.  Don’t get me wrong.  If you’re scarfing down 8 burgers a day it’s probably not the best thing for you.  But if I’m gonna die from eating then so be it.

Let’s face the facts people.  America doesn’t exercise.  It’s not that we eat so badly.  I mean yes, we do.  But it wouldn’t matter if we exercised more.  Case in point?  Michael Phelps.  Guy literally eats like 8000 calories a day of all shit food and he’s in better shape than 99.9% of the country.

I know this is a longer article but I’m 100% convinced it’s exercise not our diet that holds us back.  But America is going to keep laying this shit on us so whatever.

Here are four things we are tricked into thinking are healthy but I’m convinced aren’t….

Low or Non Fat

This is one of the biggest scams on earth.  Low Fat!  Non Fat!   I can eat forever.  Anyone who eats this shit ends up eating twice as much so they take in even more calories than before.  Oh and let’s not forget how these “tasty” items get their flavor.  Chemicals, and tons of them.  Give me a regular potato chip any day of the week.  I’ll suffer those consequences.    I’ll just exercise more.

Anything “Organic”

The whole “organic” argument has been a load of crap all this time.  Now I’m not saying organic isn’t healthier but there’s so much more to it than that.  And what the hell is going on with Milk and Eggs?  Didn’t generations of people survive having normal milk and eggs for thousands of years before all this organic shit?   And just so you know:  what makes the biggest difference in nutrients is how long produce sits on the shelf, not that it’s natural.   Spinach, for instance, loses about half of its foliate within a week.

“New and Improved”

Be very careful of these labels.  “New and Improved” is just a marketing gimmick.  Look at the ingredients and you’ll see if anything is new or improved.  Chances are it’s the same damned product as before.  It’s no better for you.  It just looks fancier.

No Calorie Replacements

This is stuff like zero calorie gums or sugar replacements.  All this crap is exactly what it is:  crap.  Most of these products are artificial and “engineered.”  I’m guessing there are ingredients in these products that can probably start your car.  I don’t think I’ll die from having Hubba Bubba or Bazooka gum.

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