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Oct 14 2010

Something’s Fishy with the World’s Fastest Goalie

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I’ve watched this video four times now, and I still don’t understand how this is possible, or even what video editing tricks that would be used if this wasn’t legit.

It’s a goalie  up front for a free kick, having to race back to stop a breakaway from the other team. He does so with so much blinding speed it would make Superman blush.

What do you think, is this real or forged?

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5 responses so far

  • Anon

    The whole video is obviously sped up, look at how quickly the ball falls to the ground in many places!

  • nidfek

    its not sped up. i watched the game live on telly. this guy’s the england national keeper.

  • Richard

    nidfek’s right. I was so pissed that they failed to take advantage of that…and i watched it on live tv so it’s legit.

  • GuyVee

    Looks fine. The goalie was making a b-line to the goal. The other players were looking/interacting with the ball and each other, slowing them down.

  • Ricardo

    It is sped up. take a look at the assistant referee running on the side line, almost as fast as the goalie.

    The Manchester United’s (red) players weren’t in such a hurry because the game was about to end (92 min) and they were winning. The extra goal wouldn’t make any difference. Might as well have control of the ball and let the time run out.



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