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Oct 13 2010

The Five Best Things About Autumn When You’re a Kid

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We’re in the heart of October.  Halloween is coming up.  The leaves are starting to change.  The weather is getting colder and I’m dreading the winter that is about to enter our lives.   However, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the fall.  It doesn’t mean I don’t reminisce about the times I was a kid myself and used to love the fall.

And when I look back, there are five things I specifically remember being awesome about autumn as a kid….

Wrestling in the Leaves

What was it about the piles of leaves that meant zero injuries?  When you really think about it, it’s not like there’s so much cushioning on these piles.  But can you honestly remember a wrestling bout in a pile of leaves where you hurt yourself as a kid?  I honestly cannot.  However, when I look back on these occasions think about all the crap that must have been in those leaves.  Bird crap, sap, bugs, you name it.  Truly disgusting.  But back then it was awesome.


I think as a kid the entire month of October is looking forward to Halloween.  I mean what else is there as a child?  Candy is the end all be all for a child and any chance to obtain as much as possible is a major highlight in one’s life.

Tackle Football

For some reason I just don’t remember playing as much football in the warmer weather as I did in the fall.  I think it’s because football is on every week and you and your friends get kind of psyched.  Plus it’s fun wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts with your team logos on them.  Man tackle football was fun when you couldn’t get hurt.  If I played tackle today I might be out of commission for a year.

Raking Leaves for Money

It wasn’t as common as shoveling snow but it was way better.  The leaves are lighter than snow and the weather is better.  I took full advantage of this.  Whenever I saw a lawn full of leaves I was the first one ringing the bell.

Hot Chocolate

Or as I used to call it as a kid, Hot Cocoa.  I’ll never forget coming in on a weekend or weekday from playing all day at like 7PM when darkness hits.  The weather feels super cold because you’re not wearing your winter coats yet.  You get inside and you feel like your face is defrosting.  Autumn is the first time when that hot chocolate comes back and man is it refreshing.

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