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Oct 13 2010

Fat Kid is One Hell of a Fat Kid

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The stereotype that asians are supposed to be tiny and skinny is being shattered by one Xiao Hao, a toddler who is five times the weight of what’s average for his age. And this isn’t even in America? Amazing!

Despite being just three years old, chubby Xiao Hao already dwarfs his petite mum and is so fat he’s been banned from several nurseries because he is a “health hazard” to other kids.

Desperate mum Xiao Lin, of Guangzhou, southern China, is now begging doctors to help shrink her super-size son.

Some medics believe he may have a growth hormone disorder while others say he is a victim of China’s “Little Emperor” syndrome where families are allowed only one child, who is then spoiled rotten by doting relatives.

The average three-year-old should weigh just over two stone – Xiao Hao is five times heavier.

Spoiled rotten is one thing, but are this guys’ relatively fattening him up to eat him later or something? Who would see this kid and give him MORE food? I hope it’s a genetic disorder or someone’s going to jail for child abuse.

He’ll make on hell of a sumo wrestler though.

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