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Oct 12 2010

Five Drug Experiences You Kind of Need To Have Just Once

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By no means am I a drug addict.  In fact at the age of 31 I’m doing less of anything than I ever have.  I would say the most messed up I get these days is the occasional beer on Sunday Football.   Drugs is a young person thing or at least it should be.  There’s just no place for them anymore in my life.

What people do is up to them.  This isn’t an article about saying drugs are OK to do or not to do.  I’m just saying that some of the experiences we’ve had can be quite crazy and super memorable.

So here are five drug experiences you might want to have just once in your life…..

*Just a word on these experiences here.  I’m not advocating doing drugs, that’s up to you.  I’m just saying if you do choose to do them these experiences are kind of musts in the life of a recreational drug user

Tripping on Mushrooms

I’m talking about the kind of mushrooms that give you visuals.  I swear to God the first time I did that stuff my fingers looked like they were growing.  I don’t want to get into the whole story but let’s just say I was in Pensacola, Florida and the movie Contact now has completely new meaning to me.

Getting Paranoid on Weed

By no means am I saying this is a good thing.  However, I will say it makes for great stories.  There was a time in high school when I got so messed up that I was screaming the word “Food!” for no apparent reason. I then proceeded to tell everyone I needed to say goodbye to my parents because I thought I was going to die.

A Cocaine or some other kind of “Upper” Night

It’s a hell of a lot different being in a club while all coked up than not.  It’s also helpful to get super messed up and scared so that you never do that drug again.  What a waste of money.

Stomach Pump Drunk

We all need to have those stories where we got so damned drunk it’s not even funny.  I’ve puked.  You’ve puked.  We’ve all puked and it makes for very entertaining stories.

A “Cocktail” Night

By this I’m referring to a night where you mix a bunch of drugs and get so messed up you just can’t even feel yourself.  Those are nights to remember and reflect on.

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