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Oct 11 2010

The Five Characters You’ll Always Have at a Family Dinner

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One of the things I enjoy most about the holidays are the family dinners.  It’s always great to have everyone sitting in one room chatting it up about life and what not.  Plus it’s a great time to stuff yourself in ways that you generally don’t throughout most of the year.

But along with every family dinner comes some things that we all learn to deal with.  And while we deal with these things they aren’t necessarily the most positive elements to a meal.

Those elements I speak of tend to be actual people.  And here are the five characters you’ll always find at a family dinner….

The Annoying Meaningless Talker

I won’t mention who the annoying talker is in my family because I”m sure my wife will be annoyed (then again she’s reading this so what do I care?) but let’s just say there’s always a person who can talk not only your ear off but the entire table’s.    The worst is when you actually leave the table and can hear them in the background.  It’s just this constant volume that you can escape.

The Person Who Shows Up Super Late

It happens every single dinner.  It’s the “late guy.”  Your best bet on these people is blatantly lying to them about what time they need to be at the dinner.  But I swear to God every single year someone holds up the start time to dinner.  They officially ruin when I should be getting back home or in the case of when I’m hosting, the time I should be getting to bed.

The Inappropriate Commenter

Every single meal there will be a comment that makes the entire table go silent.  It doesn’t necessarily come from the same person every year but there’s always bound to be something that makes the eyebrows raise.

The Lazy Ass Who Does Nothing

If there’s one thing I cannot stand it’s when people don’t offer to help clean up.  I mean you’re a guest in someone’s home.  For God’s sake help to clean the dishes, take in a plate, something, anything!  How could you just go into the other room and watch TV and think that’s OK?

The One Who Spills or Breaks Something

Usually it’s a child who does this but it could be the drunk Uncle or the clumsy Grandpa.  You just never know when it’s coming but something always breaks or spills during a family meal.

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