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Oct 07 2010

Four Laws That Need Stricter Punishments

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Other countries have insane laws that keep their citizens in line.  I mean in some Asian countries just having a joint that you planned on smoking with your buddies could put you away for a very very long time.    Hell if you wear clothes the wrong way, some countries will put you in jail.

While I don’t think we should be that extreme there is some merit to these laws.  Bottom line?  Don’t even think of breaking a law in some places.  In the U.S. I think we’re a little too forgiving.  If we got hardcore on people we just might have a safer and cleaner country.

Call me crazy but I think these four laws need some tweaking….

Cell Phone Talking in a Car without a Headset

I don’t know how this law isn’t in effect in every state in this Country but it should be.  I know that in New York if you get caught on your phone you can get a pretty stiff fine.  Honestly it should be more than that.  I can’t stand when I see people on their phones. 99% of the time they drive like shit and they could easily kill someone…..very easily.  Personally I think a license should be taken away for  month on the first offense, a year on the second, and forever on the third.  That would fix it up right quick.  That or charge like $1000 for a ticket.


Let’s talk about DWI’s for a second here.  Don’t get me wrong, if it’s a first offense and there’s barely any alcohol content I can understand a fine but even so, why encourage it?  I think a first offense is automatic revocation of the license for 6 months.  2nd offense, a year plus a month of jail. 3rd offense, lifetime revocation and 6 months in jail.    If people knew that the slightest amount of alcohol would get them a month in jail?  We’d have a lot less assholes out there driving drunk.

Child Abuse

To me?  Automatic jail time of at least a year.  Depending on the severity of the abuse but I think when you hit a kid you go to jail, period.  No questions asked.  I think child abuse is about the worst of the worst when you’re talking crimes.  Nothing is more disgusting than taking advantage of a kid who is helpless.   Personally I think it should be a lifetime sentence (on severe offenses) but clearly that will never happen.


I for one can’t stand watching people just throw their shit on the ground.  Do you realize how clean this country would be if we imposed a $1000 dollar fine on anyone caught littering?  It would be awesome and this country would be spotless.

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