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Oct 06 2010

Five Jobs That Pay Little But Are Awesome To Have (Assuming You are Young Enough)

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Money ain’t everything.  It really isn’t.   It’s funny because the more money I make the more it seems it matter but the more I realize how much more fun I had in my life when I was barely making anything.  Then again, I think much of that has to do with age.  It’s way different making no money in your 20s than it is in your 30s.

Clearly it also has to do with your life situation.  But let’s just say there are jobs out there where you don’t necessarily bring in major coin but you can be damned sure your life will be interesting and fun.

Here are five such jobs…..

Production Assistant for Porn Movies

Come on let’s face it.  At some point you’re definitely doing some freaky shit having a job like this.  You get to watch awesome porn all day.  Clearly you’ll have an in to the craziest parties of all time.   I’m guessing it gets boring as hell after a while but the initial surprise of it all would be enough to get me to do it.

Writer for a Sports Site

All the guys that write sports columns for ESPN and Yahoo!?  They’re no smarter or better than you or I.  Getting hooked up with a job like that is awesome.  I mean being paid to write about sports and getting to go to pretty much all your sports events for free?  It’s pretty awesome.  And most starting jobs in this field do not pay much at all.

Lifeguard at a Country Club

I mention this one because I personally had this job.  It was the best job I ever had in my entire life.  My whole day consisted of sitting in the sun, listening to music, getting free food, going to the gym after work, getting hammered at night, and doing it all the next day.  Oh and I was getting paid for it.  Come on now.  Beach lifeguards have to actually work by the way so that job sucks.


You can actually make decent bank as a Bartender but then it’s a much harder job.  You have to work at some crazy club.  I’m talking about being a Bartender at a reasonably nice place with a good crowd.  Great way to meet chicks, make money off the books and have drinks whenever you want to.  That’s always fun.

The Sports Illustrated Clothing Adjusters

You’d be hard pressed to find a better job than this.

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