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Oct 05 2010

Geeky Girls I Would Party With

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There’s always that something about a geeky chick that us guys will always like.  Honestly it’s two things.  The first is that every guy wants to see a geeky girl let loose.  Nothing’s better than some good two shoes tying one on and getting completely wasted.  The second is that there are lots of hot girls out there that don’t know they’re hot.

Many of these hot girls might fall into the geeky category.  Personally I think those two things are what encompasses our fetish for the geeky girl.  And lastly, if the girl isn’t really attractive at all then none of this matters.  As sexist as that sounds can you really argue with me?

Here are some geeky girls I’d love to see cut loose….

I’m 99% sure those glasses are photoshopped on there and I’m 99% sure it makes zero difference.   I mean it adds an element I enjoy.  I would just hope and pray that the glasses stayed on the entire 10 seconds it would take me to finish.  Yay!

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  • Maxwerm

    They’re not really geeky just because of the glasses, are they? I mean, a gorgeous girl in glasses still doesn’t have to try/study, which essentially makes her a bimbo w/ 20/20 vision.
    Also, most geeky girls don’t slather goo all over their faces. Geeky girls are hot in spite of not being hot. The girls above are just bimbos in glasses slathered in make-up. Not the same thing at all, is it?

  • j

    the third pic in “more geeky girls” is Bully Suicide from Suicidegirls.com

    not a geek but def hot.



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