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Oct 05 2010

Cop Responds to Call, Ends Up Naked in Pool with Three Women

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We always hear stories of police brutality, where cops go above and beyond the call of duty to beat someone’s ass to the ground, but there IS such a thing a cop being TOO cool. This is most definitely one of those cases. Here’s what happened after a cop responded to a noise complaint.

The homeowner said around 3:45 Wednesday morning, she and her two friends were in the pool, when her husband let the officer into the house.

She says the officer walked through a gate, and across the patio, took off his clothes, set them on a table… and got into the pool.

The woman said the police officer then got flirty with one of her friends.

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, said she, her girlfriends, and her husband were all shocked by the officer’s behavior. She said the officer then got out of the pool and left, when he heard on his radio that other police  were on their way after the husband called 9-1-1.

Alright, how much drugs do you think this guy was on at the time? Because that is not a sober decisions, no way no how. Makes for one hell of an awesome story though for all those involved. Except him.

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  • mike

    I don’t think the asshole was necessarily on drugs. Half these guys are sociopaths themselves…….seriously. That’s why then enter police work in the beginning. It’s the perfect cover concsiously or unconsciously. If you’ve ever had any dealings with the police you’d understand.



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