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Oct 04 2010

Twilight Hand Model Upset She’s Not Famous

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You’ve all seen this cover for Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight at this point. It’s hands holding an apple is some kind of symbolism I would understand if I cared about this series at all. But as it turns out, the face behind those hands isn’t happy that she hasn’t taken off in popularity like the books and films have. Seriously.

But Hickey’s lack of fame has her cracking her knuckles in frustration.

“It was major exposure for my hands,” said the petite, 40-year-old model. “But nobody knew who I was.”

So Hickey now stops anyone she sees reading the book to inform them of her contribution.

“I see people reading it on the subway, and I say, ‘Those are my hands! I’m a hand model!’ ” she explained. “I’m sure they think I’m crazy — a crazy lady on the subway.”

To be fair, I would stop people on the subway too if that was me. Then through word of mouth, in 100 years enough people would know who I was so that I would be famous. Her hands are in demand because they are “veinlesss” which is what it takes to be a hand model I guess. What, they seriously can’t just photoshop veins out these days?

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