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Oct 01 2010

Fun College Chicks: Will We Ever Get Tired of This?

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I gotta be 100% honest here.  In terms of getting tired of this I have a few statement on this matter.  I’ll tell you what I’m tired of.  I’m tired of seeing pictures like this and thinking to myself “what the hell was wrong with me in college?  how did I not just bang every living female I saw?”  I’m tired of living in the past man.  Live in the now!

But I’ll tell you what I’m not tired of.  I’m not tired of actually seeing these pictures.  I’m not tired of the fact that these kinds of pictures will be available when I’m typing this drivel in about 60 years.  That my friends is something no one should grow tired of.

Awesome party girls in college?  We shall never exhaust you…..

Seriously man.  Look how busted the girls on the right are but being that I’m 31?  They look extremely hot to me.  Most women in the worst simply don’t understand this as they aren’t attracted to dudes that look kind of sloppy.  So I’ll tell you.  I can’t explain it either.   It just works OK?

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