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Oct 01 2010

Knowing What I Know Now: Tips on Getting Laid I’d Have Given Myself in College

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At no other time in your life will you have a better chance at getting laid than in college.  It’s just that simple.   And there’s only one problem in all of this.  Most folks while in college are in their early 20s so they don’t know shit.  Sure they know that getting drunk will be fun and eventually you’ll have some sex.

But believe me kids,  if you had the brains that I do now you’d be knee deep in coitus.  I, along with every single guy out there wishes I could just go back in time and wake my stupid ass up because I’d have been a hell of a lot more sexually active than I was.  Oh well.

Luckily with the power of writing I can in fact give my old self some tips….

Sex is Great – Even with Non Attractive Females

I’m not exactly sure why I had standards in college but I did.  Those standards completely ruined my sex life.  The amount of females I didn’t sleep with will haunt me for the rest of my life.  And I’m not saying these are all ugly girls.  Far from that.  I’m talking good bodies, decent faces, more than enough that in today’s world I’d be one excited dude.  Point is, if you masturbate to girls that aren’t attractive wouldn’t you sleep with them?  I don’t know.  If I could go back I’d have been a rabbit.

The Less Respect the Better

At no point in a female’s life is she less secure than in college.  Maybe high school but in college there’s way more sex so I’m sticking with college.  The worse you treat them the more they’ll pay attention to you.  I’m not saying it’s good to treat girls badly because that’s not right.  But if you want to get laid and don’t want a relationship?  Oh yes it is.

If sex is the end goal, it’s a numbers game

Very few guys have the balls to make this approach.  And this applies to real life.  The more girls you talk to you the better your chances are.  I mean what the hell do you have to lose?  If you asked 100 females to have sex with you in a night, I’ll bet you a million bucks one of them says yes.  And poof, there you go.

Spring Break – Period

Why not just make an effort to go to every Spring Break you can?  I’m not talking one a year.  I’m talking one for a week and then you’re gone every single weekend of the Spring Break year?  Now that I look back I was only 3 hrs away from Florida.  I could have gone to Panama Beach for 2 months and it’d have been Spring Break every weekend?   That’s eight weekends.  Have class end early on Fridays and end late on Mondays?  Wow, I’m an idiot.

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