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Sep 29 2010

The Myspace Toolbox: Hardly Flawless

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As if this picture isn’t bad enough.  Do we really need to know which one it is?  Hardly.  But just so you guys are aware that these are real people I want to give you a small sample of our man Flawless here.

Wutts good The names Brennen, trust me you wont forget it. … I live in Danbury ct, madd WACK here butt i make due. I’m a chyll guy, always down to do w.e and meet new ppl….

Wait a minute.  This guy lives in Danbury, CT?  Do you think his parents are aware of his writing ability?  Deux thay no how mutch uf a more on theis guye ehs? All I can say is that I’m currently weeping for Danbury right now.

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Sep 29 2010

This is Why You Don’t Mess with Grandma

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Old people are easy to harass because they can’t chase after you, and therefore are the target of many young hooligans be they pranksters or criminals. But one kid learned the hard way that you really don’t want to mess with Grandma.

A 12-year-old boy was shot in the arm by a 68-year-old woman after he and another youngster were thought to have broke many of the windows of her South Shore home while she was out, then returned to attack her with bricks, authorities said.

Chicago police investigate the scene where a law enforcement source said a 12-year-old boy was shot by a 70-year-old woman angry that the boy and other youngsters were throwing rocks on her property near 76th and Coles in Chicago

So uh, is that allowed? Can you shoot a kid thrown bricks at you? The article actually doesn’t say, but I think if you’re on your property and people are invading it, children or not, you’re allowed to defend yourself. Right? Well, I’m just going to go with that theory.

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Sep 29 2010

She’s Uncoachable: English Model Amy Jackson

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I’m actually amazed that Amy Jackson doesn’t have a D or higher cup considering that she’s English.  Still though, she’s more than worthy of a spot on this site.  For those that aren’t familiar with Amy, she’s an English model who isn’t even 20 yet.  She won the Miss Teen World pageant in 2008 and has been rolling ever since.

What’s amazing about her is that she’s only 18 and has no qualms about doing all these sexy shoots.  I sure as hell hope she becomes a Miss World some day as she’d be my perfect candidate.

More of Amy after the jump….

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Sep 29 2010

The Kanye West Cloning Machine Was Set on “Gay”

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Words really just can’t do what I’m seeing here justice. If there was a meter that could register gayness, it would be broken right now. All that’s missing are some feathers and some glitter. And for that dude standing on their thighs to have his dong in that one dudes mouth.

Or you know, maybe they’re really just big fans of primary colors, who am I to say?

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Sep 29 2010

Professional Japanese Slow-Motion Walking

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Welcome to Japan, land of weird shit. So weird that this doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Really, there’s a group of guys who goes around and walks in slow motion to weird people out and make YouTube videos about it? Yeah, that sounds about right.

In any case, this is worth checking out, as the effect is quite cool. Not sure why they’re stop-and-go rather than full slow-mo, but this form looks pretty cool too.

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Sep 29 2010

An Obscene Amount of Las Vegas Pool Party Girls

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When I think of Las Vegas only one word comes to mind.  Actually a few but the one that sticks out the most is “fantasy.”  I mean seriously guys what the hell else is this place other than a complete and utter fabrication of our world?  The hotels are fantasy.  The illusions of a better life are fantasy.   And last but not least?  Most if not all the women are fantasy.

It’s like God put all these plastic bunnies all in one place for us to gawk at.  And where will you find these girls in all their splendor?  A pool party.  Talk about a scene man.  If there’s anything to make the trip to Vegas for it’s got to be the pool scene.  I can’t even begin to describe it.

Perhaps these pictures will help….

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Sep 29 2010

A Great Gallery of Beer Bellies

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I’d like to think of it as a sign of masculinity.  At the same time I would not be proud of myself if I were sporting one of these.  I feel like this guy has a couple of kittens trapped in there.  How in the hell does the human body do this?  This is America for you folks.

Hell I just moved to Long Island and went to an Italian Restaurant the other day.  I seriously couldn’t even finish my salad let alone the entree.  I mean what the hell are the doing to us?  This is a fat country folks.  Period.

But at least I can marvel at these bellies knowing I won’t ever have one….

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Sep 29 2010

Wednesday’s Wash: Obvious White Characters, Stupid Pet Tricks, and Ice Cube

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Click on the photo for obvious white characters in Tyler Perry movies

As much as white folks may stereotype black folks in movies and television,  you can’t deny that black folks don’t do the same exact thing.   It’s just a natural thing with entertainment and funny to see how it all plays out on the screen.

More playing it all out at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Wash

Check out this stupid pet tricks video – [The DW]

Get a load of Ice Cube then and now – [Regretfulmorning]

The latest and greatest celebrity slips – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

ow rent football is big in Omaha – [Withleather]

Louisiana Tech cheerleaders do their thing – [Unathletic]

Check out the man who flies with bubble gum – [Attuworld]

We could all use some Shay Maria pictures – [Cavemancircus]

The ten best Randy Quaid movies – [Ego TV]

Check out these 10 awesome low pass fly by’s – [Pedal to the Metal]

20 cute pictures of babies with mustaches – [Manofest]

Sexy athletes that we need to see in High def – [Bleacherreport]

Box office bombs that are worth watching – [Gunaxin]

Courtney Love is looking scary these days – [Don Chavez]

How awesome are the panda cheese ads? – [Nedhardy]

Check out the latest hot featured model – [Bullz-Eye]

Taylor Momsen sports the rock star skank look – [Celebrityodor]

Enjoy the Victoria’s Secret charity auction – [Mademan]

Great compilation of reporters getting owned – [Topcultured]

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Sep 28 2010

Hotties in the Wild Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more hotties in the wild

This picture is proof that I can get 100% sexually aroused without having to look at nudity.  Hell I don’t even have to look at a bikini or small amounts of clothing.  This is  just pure awesomeness.  Yippee!

More pure awesomeness at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

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Sep 28 2010

The Myspace Toolbox: Jonny is Not Vicious At All

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Ladies and gentlemen after countless days of a layoff it’s time to bring back one of the most popular segments this site has ever seen.  It’s The Myspace Toolbox.  For those of you who don’t remember this is me poking fun at all the tools that parade around Myspace.

Today we’ll be focusing on none other than Jonny Vicious.    Jonny is Asian yet somehow seems to be under the delusion that he’s Italian and a guido.  That and it appears that crappy spelling and catch phrases might get him chicks.    You know stuff like:  “You could flush me cuz I’m the shit.”

Actually I’d rather just flush you because you’re a complete tool but to go in line with your toilet humor I’d say you’re a turd.

More pictures and commentary  of Jonny after the jump

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