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Sep 30 2010

What the Hell is Up with Rio De Janeiro?

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It appears to be a wonderful place.  And you know something?  Rio De Janeiro does happen to be a beautiful place…sometimes.   What I never realized about this region of Brazil is how diverse it is.  I mean sure you have your beaches and gorgeous women.  But man it can be a horrible environment.

The odd thing about it all is how close everything is.  You could have a mansion on one block and a poverty ridden neighborhood on the next.  It’s just a weird mish mash of stuff.

To demonstrate I’ve collected some photography that encapsulates all that is Rio De Janeiro…..

Can you imagine this shit going on right outside your house?

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3 responses so far

  • Eddie

    we can have similar photos here, but just because its “brazil”, they can look awefull? I already went to brazil and well, it’s like other country, problems like the ones in this photos, we got all around the globe, but just because is brazil? What, do you think they live with monkeys? Whats the point of this gallery?

  • Ze Carioca

    Yep, that’s my country…

  • salvader

    That is happening right now in Cd. Juarez, Mexico, but we dont have the beach.



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