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Sep 29 2010

An Obscene Amount of Las Vegas Pool Party Girls

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When I think of Las Vegas only one word comes to mind.  Actually a few but the one that sticks out the most is “fantasy.”  I mean seriously guys what the hell else is this place other than a complete and utter fabrication of our world?  The hotels are fantasy.  The illusions of a better life are fantasy.   And last but not least?  Most if not all the women are fantasy.

It’s like God put all these plastic bunnies all in one place for us to gawk at.  And where will you find these girls in all their splendor?  A pool party.  Talk about a scene man.  If there’s anything to make the trip to Vegas for it’s got to be the pool scene.  I can’t even begin to describe it.

Perhaps these pictures will help….

Seriously it’s been so long for me.  How in the hell do you hit on girls like this?  I would have absolutely zero clue what to say.  Does “hi” even cut it these days?  Thanks to COED for sourcing all of these.

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  • http://www.ablasvegas.com Vegas

    Eh? Most people who come to Las Vegas are just everyday ordinary people. So the segment of the population that Pool Girls attract is really pretty small. Did you read about the Death Ray Pool yet at the City Center Project – Vdara… oopsie… Nice Planning MGM-Mirage!

  • ashenzil

    What’s most amazing is that behind all those tits and sunglasses and tanned skins and makeup, there’s a human being looping desperatly for love. How can they hope of ever having some when the only thing that they inspire is a bottomless sex-doll that only crave sex and only sex? Those are indeed the dark ages.

  • http://TapDatass.com TRex

    BOOOOOOOOOOOBS..boobies everywhere..i waaaant boobies..LOL meanigfull relationship my ass all any guy can think of looking at deeze plastic barbies is SEXY TIME!! btw..to OP the way to approach them is the following:

    u: wanna fuck
    if yes: proceed to fuck
    boobs: waaaat, are u out of ur mind
    u:how bout a blow job
    boobs: OK

    Wrks everytime ;) pool girls only!

  • Anonymous

    I came from a small town and now live in Vegas (for now). The girls you see the photos above are always with guys that act like dicks and treat them like crap. But you see, that’s what’s so funny about it. All those girls really want are dicks, no matter how much they say otherwise. ;)

  • Ruud

    Needs more real breasts. I rather have them small than made from silicone.

  • Slumberfucker

    Yeah! i Agree Ruudon! I love breasts..but i rather prefer a REAL one than a CRAP silicone made…Boob addict here!

  • Bob Roonie

    Too bad even normal girls don’t want me :(

  • Aamir

    Me… Too innocent for all this….



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