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Sep 28 2010

The Myspace Toolbox: Jonny is Not Vicious At All

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Ladies and gentlemen after countless days of a layoff it’s time to bring back one of the most popular segments this site has ever seen.  It’s The Myspace Toolbox.  For those of you who don’t remember this is me poking fun at all the tools that parade around Myspace.

Today we’ll be focusing on none other than Jonny Vicious.    Jonny is Asian yet somehow seems to be under the delusion that he’s Italian and a guido.  That and it appears that crappy spelling and catch phrases might get him chicks.    You know stuff like:  “You could flush me cuz I’m the shit.”

Actually I’d rather just flush you because you’re a complete tool but to go in line with your toilet humor I’d say you’re a turd.

More pictures and commentary  of Jonny after the jump

Yup, you’re tough

Is it me or is this the guy you’d hit up as a little kid because he’s the one who had all the video games and you wanted to play them>  Then at some certain age he decided to spike his hair and start talking like a moron.  Way to go Johnny.  Yeah, you’re real vicious pal.  A total douche actually.

This guy actually has the balls to put a caption under one of his pics that says “my niggas.”  Really?  Really dude?

More of J Viz!

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