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Sep 28 2010

A Collection of Scary Tattoos

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I try to understand the prevalence of tattoos in this country the more I go along and it gets harder and harder considering the various types that are out there.  And in full disclosure I too have a tattoo.  I will say however, that is has an origin and it does represent something.  Not to mention the tattoos is very small and on my ankle.

By no means does that justify it nor is that the criteria one should have for getting a tattoo.  However, given that these things are permanent I do believe a little thought should be given to the design.  Too many people rush out there and get these horrible, scary, weird tattoos that frankly might look a little crappy in old age don’t you think?

Check out these freak shows….

Seriously man, what in the hell would compel a person to do this to themselves?  Is Frankenstein’s monster really such an important part of your life?  I just don’t get it.

And I don’t get these either

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2 responses so far

  • Paul

    What reason does art need to exist?

  • http://www.tattoosdayuk.com Mel

    Couldn’t agree with Paul more. Get your head out of your arse, all that Miami Ink bullshit about how every tattoos has to symbolise your dog dying and all that crap is pathetic. Some people get tattoos because they love the art, not because they want a constant reminder their grandma died. I don’t usually comment but I can’t believe your stupid attitude! I hope your overly symbolic crap on your ankle doesn’t look too regrettable in the end.



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