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Sep 27 2010

Stuff Guys Will Never Want to Do But Women Are Convinced They Will

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For as long as I’ve been with my wife, she’s 100% convinced that I’m going to eventually accept and want to do certain things in our lives.  I’ve said it thousands of times that I’ll never want to do such things but for whatever reason she thinks I will.  And I think that goes for most women.

While you can mold us to some extent you’re never going to get all of us to conform to your ways.   I mean I guess I can applaud the effort.  On the other hand I could complain and say “will you just accept this please?”

Let me show you what I’m talking about.  Here are four things your woman is convinced you’ll want to do but you never will……

Go Shopping Anywhere

If you’re a guy you don’t like to shop with people.  Bear in mind I didn’t say shop alone.  In fact I love shopping alone.  It’s kind of like a race for me.   I want to see how fast I can get shit done.  With my wife however?  No thanks.  No way.  No how.  It’s nothing personal I just don’t have the patience for it.

“Look at Things” with Them

This is along the same lines as shopping.  If my wife calls me into the bedroom to “look at something” unless it’s her naked then I’m probably not interested.  It could be drapes or color patterns.  Whatever the hell it is, it’s probably bad.  Ladies,  get over it.  Your boys will never, ever want to do this stuff.

Go For a Walk

Who in the hell goes for walks?  Give me a couch, a television, a remote and some chips and I’m a happy camper.  Why in the hell would I want to get up from that to go take a walk?  Really?  Come on now.  It’s just not gonna happen.

Make Extra Stops

Ever notice when you’re out with your significant other that “more” crap just gets piled on somehow? “Oh yeah I have to stop at the dry cleaners” or “Oh yeah I just realized we need to pick up X.”  Why is it that when I’m alone this NEVER happens?  Oh yeah, because I’m not a moron.  Come on ladies.  Stop dragging your crap along with us.  It’s not fair.

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  • ClovesJ

    My fiance loves to go on walks with me, or shopping somewhere interesting like a Mexican market.

    Maybe it’s time you got up off that couch for your wife.

  • @ClovesJ

    Either you’re gay or you’re a lesbian.
    It’s time to grow up.

    • Natty

      Yup, that’s definitely it.

  • steven

    yeah sorry man but i love walks, going out into nature and enjoying life is one of the greatest things in the world. My wife rarely says she needs things from the store and when she does its usually something we legitimatley need, but even if it wasn’t i would still gladly stop because if she was driving and i said “stop i want that” i would expect her to do the same.

    I think you do need to grow up.

  • Guy

    just saying, he’s right as far as I see it. all that stuff really is just things most men find annoying, usually if a guy does like to do that stuff its for a reason- sucking up, wants some sex, trying to get through the day without listening to the wife bitch constantly, or more than likely at this point in time, he’s already decided to be gay and is just waiting to throw some divorce papers at you.

    Your call, nag and complain and force stuff on us and eventually things will go bad- or let us have some peace here and there and we can compromise a bit. telling us to do 90percent of the errands is not compromising.


  • Jimmy

    This isn’t true for everyone. Yeah, I hate the ‘look at this’ and going shopping, but going on walks is fine in my book, as well as getting shit done when you’re out. I realize people have different relationships and lifestyles, but if you just CAN’T go on a walk? As for the extra stops, yeah, it can be really aggravating, but at least things are getting done, rather than if you have a spouse who forgets to pay bills, etc.

  • Kevin

    I agree with everything on the list except for the walking. I enjoy taking walks and talking about things.

  • Brock

    I like to do a couple of things on this list. Maybe you should not assume you speak for all men. Only some of us are lazy and boring.

  • Rebecca

    Yes that is my husband to a T, lol. He is exactly the way this guy is. It’s fine with me though because I would rather go shopping alone too because all he will do is bitch about “are we going yet?” And no my husband doesn’t like to “look at things” either, lol. Unless I say I need him to look at my boobs or my vagina for some reason. And by no means am I convinced that he will ever want to do those things with me unless I am diagnosed with cancer and have 6 months to live he will probably wait until 5 1/2 months goes by then he will do those things with me willingly, lol.

  • K

    Stuff Women Will Never Want to Do, but Somehow You’re Convinced They Will:

    a.) Spend more than ten minutes in a car with you (frequent stops are the only way to keep sane);

    b.) Get out of that car and still want to spend any portion of their lives being condescended to by someone as stereotypically lame as the type of character he dismisses;

    c.) You.

    I can only hope that this post was in fact a faked repetition of predictable complaints just for the purpose of posting something readers would agree with, and if not, that your wife realizes she needs to leave you in order to begin living.

    Either way, I imagine in the future you will be seeing a lot more naked women in the bedroom via the ad at the top of the page than in real life.

    Oh, but that might actually require making one more stop on the way home: to stock up in tissues.

  • MPL

    Did you notice she said………. Fiance!!! just wait tell the I Do’s are said. Then it will change, they do. My husband just loved to go have fun in the stores with me, how I would have to pay him to go. He hates it…. But then there is my Son who has been married for 8 years now, and still loves all that stuff with his wife and kids. So who knows.

  • http://sonneewilson.tumblr.com/ Sonnee Wilson

    The most interesting aspect of this post are the comments. I realize that the author is speaking in general terms and not for all women or all men. Also, everyone thinks that they are the rule that proves the exception. Lighten up. If you are getting emotional about anything the author wrote, it is probably because a nerve was struck. Most men only do romantic things to get laid and most women stay slim until the day after the wedding. Life’s not fair.

    • Natty

      Amen, thank you!

  • j-

    i am on the posters side walking is a pain in the ass… i own a truck for a reason

  • Linda

    To generalize things…

    It’s always interesting to read that men have to change for their girls. The thing is, we (women) are usually already adapting to a “together” life stile. “We” have already changed quite a bit so a relationship will hold. “Men” usually stay “single” and want to have the same life stile as before, not excepting or realizing there is actually another person they have to think about who already adapted to the new life stile and is actually not a copy of themselves. Then when “she” wants him to “change”, all of a sudden “he” is the only one who has to change to make the relation work…

    Extraordinary how men and women can still live together…

  • Jason


    I’m sorry I just can’t except the word of anyone who doesn’t know how to spell S-t-y-l-e. Once was allowed but three times is just a scathing indictment of the American Education System. 1 face palm is not enough.

  • http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/ Omniture

    Unless she’s jsut that hott where she can get away with most of it!

  • Tommy

    You mean accept….? fail.

  • Notanidiotlikeyou

    What a weirdo. It is probably safe to say this guy hasn’t had many lasting relationships. I also have to agree with an above post…there is so much shit guys do that annoys women to no end. A lot of you are also total neanderthals who would be living on bologna sandwiches, in dirty apartments…sitting in the dark because you can’t be bothered to remember to pay the bills on time. Women put up with a whole lot of bullshit, not to mention couples with kids, and your version of a man thinks it is like walking on hot coals to do something to make your SO happy? Pretty sure your wife doesn’t like washing your dank skid marked undies or the taste of your cum…but you can keep dreaming if you’d like.

  • Eric Spain

    For those guys who think he’s insensitive: There are probably other things that *you* don’t like doing that your wife thinks you should do. We all have pet peeves and even if we find the person of our dreams that we will love forever, there will be at least one clash of opinions. That’s what makes life so interesting and worth living. It’s probably not the same 4 things for all guys like Natty suggests, but you probably have a list of “4 things my wife insists I will like that I never will.” I know mine include Looking at decor and houses and Going clothes/shoe shopping, but walks and trips to places are fine for me. :D

    Women: Can you seriously tell me that you are with a guy that wants to do everything that you want to do without nagging and begging? I bet your boyfriend/fiance/husband has a list of things he hates doing and will always hate doing, and does them just to appease you. I bet you also have a list of things that you hate and will always hate as well. Drinking beer, watching sports, and many other things.

    Lastly Linda: This “we” that women “adapt” to is often a selfish idea-centric view on what a relationship should be, without considering the two people involved. In truth, the women who do it are already relationship-biased and trying to fit their partner into it is just pure selfishness. I do believe that people in a relationship need to work out TOGETHER what’s best for both parties in the long run, but women “adapting” to a relationship is just them trying to change their boyfriend into what they want and then disguising it behind “but it’s for ‘us’.”

  • Annoyed…

    My main issue is that the author insinuates that all women are morons at the end of the article (no one else notice this?). I think the author made himself look very close-minded and kind of sexist, and I fully agree with Notanidiotlikeyou – sometimes compromises just have to be made in a relationship. There is always a lot of give and take…

    I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for nearly 3 years. We try (to the best of both of our abilities, because no one is perfect) to work as a team on issues. You know, sometimes we forget a couple of things and we have to stop at a couple of stores – it happens. Sometimes we sit down and decide where a new piece of furniture will go, or go on walks with our dog together.

    I understand I may actually be an exception – I’m one of those rare chicks that hates shopping and decorating. But I know I have a lot of personal hobbies and interests that my boyfriend doesn’t like, and it works both ways.

    The author makes it sound like all women are trying to change men (and yet I’ve met many men that have tried to change me!), but I think relationships are about accepting certain parts of each other that we may not necessarily like, compromising on issues, discovering new common interests together, learning to work as a team (i.e., not be selfish!) and above all, allowing the other person to still have some sort of identity. I go to art films with my sister; he has the guys over for the Super Bowl. And yet we still always meet back up to go see action flicks and eat pizza.

    And dude, if you’re not doing that, well, I just feel sorry for you.

    And especially for your wife…She’s probably banging one of your more considerate guy friends right now.

  • Wow. Really?

    Seems to me like you’re a bit of an asshole, and I can’t believe that you can sit here and bitch about shit like this. Walking? Really? Errands together? Women try to do things that include their partners, because we want to please our men, whether it means picking out a new set of drapes or a sexy piece of lingerie. You’re going to have to live with the choices that we make, just like we are, and we would rather get a sour “That one!” than have to deal with you later on complaining about the way it looks. The truth is that everyone should want to meet their partner on their own level at some point. There is, of course a fine line of give and take, but honestly? I’m surprised you’ve ever been with a woman at all with an attitude like that.

  • Dotdotdot

    I mostly agree with the last two posts.

    Sure is sexism in here.

  • catriona

    From a chicks perspective I sure don’t wanna watch football/wrassling or any other kinda crap like that. Especially,nekkid wummen of any kind or description.
    I would rather go hiking in some beautiful forest or get down with some serious shopping!!
    Yeah baby!

  • Keith

    look, i love my baby and just yesterday i went dress shopping (just shuddered a little) and i kept a smile on my face the entire time. i told her my honest opinion on everything she tried on. after that we went on a half hour walk in the woods, just talking and holding hands. but i guess that’s just what you do for the ones you love…

  • ‘Nuf said

    Everything about that post just rubbed me the wrong way. His rationalisation of stereotypical yet destructive male behaviour (destructive to healthy long-term relationships, that is) was the most obvious thing, although not the only one, and I was already writing a nice, scathing comment in my head when I reached the bottom of the post… and realized that there’s no need. I was expecting a bunch of “hell yeah” and “Amen to that, brother!” comments; instead, it would seem that there are enough men who could see through the author’s bravado to call him out on it.

    All I want to add is that I really hope he finds other ways to connect with his wife, emotionally and intellectually, since he so openly disapproves of the most common ways women try to include their partners in their life. I have been in a happy, monogamous marriage for 9 years. We don’t like shopping together, and there are definitely some other things we do alone because the other one does not like it. But then we find things we both like, and we compromise on our own egocentric schedules to make time for the other one.

    Relationships aren’t about the stuff we do per se, it’s about connection and trust, and the slow building/eroding of that over the years – and that is where “stuff” suddenly become important. For me as a woman, it’s not about the shopping, or a man “looking at things”, it’s about feeling loved and secure as HIS woman. If you don’t like to walk, take a drive instead and make an outing of it. If you refuse to shop with her, do something else together like taking her out to dinner. If you don’t want to look at drape patterns, at least choose to be tactful instead of hostile and boorish. When a man continually refuses to be his partner’s PARTNER, she might just end up where @Annoyed said she might, with one of his “more considerate guy friends”.



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