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Sep 24 2010

I Shall Miss the Party Girls of Summer

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As the weather begins to cool out there I am saddened that September is leaving us.  Autumn is officially here and while I like the leaves changing color I’m extremely disappointed that I’m going to have to wear long clothes and stay inside more often that I’d like.   Even more disappointing?  I have to wait another 9 months before the ladies start dressing sexy again.

Yeah sure I could get my snow bunny pictures and I’m sure there will be some cuties wearing sweaters and all but let’s face it.  Summer is the time for the sexy to show and we’re not gonna see it for a while.

So here’s a small tribute to some of the sexy girls of summer.  We’ll miss you for now!

Now you might be able to see the power of this girl on the left in the winter but you’ll never get to see her true power until the weather warms up.  That my friends, is the magic of summer time.

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  • Steve

    I couldn’t agree with you more. One of the last days of my vacation in Florida I had nothing to do cuz I had to leave the hotel at 11 and my ride wasn’t picking me up till 5. I stayed in the shade in an outdoor mall for nearly 6 hours, checking out all the babes with the constant thought in my head “Enjoy it for all it’s worth, cuz after this, I won’t see it for another 9 months”.

    I’ve wanted to move to Florida since I’m 12 for this very reason.



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