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Sep 24 2010

The Five Types of Sorority Girls You Will Encounter in College

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Whether you were in a fraternity or not, at most colleges this was a big part of life.  I mean you don’t have to be in one of these groups to attend their parties or to learn about who they were.  I mean you always knew who the biggest party ones were.  You knew who the jocks were, who the druggies were, which ones would get kicked off campus, etc etc.

The same went for sororities.  These groups were definitely broken down into groups whether they liked to be or not.  Some groups were awesome and some were basically impenetrable…literally.

But if I had to really break it down, here are the five types of sorority girls I was accustomed to….

The Really Ugly Loud Ones

This has got to be the worst kind because too many categories fall into this one.   Most sororities as fraternities have people that aren’t the best looking in the bunch.  But do you have to be so loud and annoying about it?  These are the chicks that just go nuts and are usually the cock blockers of the crew.  They get sloppy, gross, and frankly I just think there should be a stop to this.

The Hot but Bitchy Ones

Most schools have a “hot” sorority.  This sorority is very selective of their members.  Not only do you have to have a hot gene but you have to have the innate ability to be a total snot to make the guys want you even more.  It’s like they are taught this skill.  We had one at my school and I know you have one at yours.

The Tomboys

“We can do everything the boys can.”  It’s nice when you have girls like this to party with but sometimes there’s just not enough “girl” in them and it’s extremely irritating.  Plus the whole loving sports thing kind of annoys me.  Be scared of a spider!  I won’t mind.

The Drunk Slutty Ones

Now that I look back at school my one regret (as most guys have) is that I didn’t have more sex.  Oh sure I hooked up plenty but why didn’t I opt for these girls more?  What a dumbass.  In retrospect who cares about the hot bitchy ones?  It’s all about partying and fun.  These were the best kinds of sorority girl, plain and simple.

The Dorks

Just as every fraternity has got a geeky dorky one, the ladies do as well.  It’s inevitable.  However, the key is when you have a semi hot girl from said sorority who doesn’t realize how hot she is.  Your goal is to get this girl drunk and see her wild side.  If you can it’s a tremendous victory.

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