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Sep 23 2010

Five Types of People You’ll See at a Rest Stop at 2AM

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If any of you have ever been on a crazy long road trip chances are very likely you’ve had to pull over and get gas somewhere in the middle of the night.  Depending on the location, you might be in for a weird experience.  You know, like Dumb and Dumbers scene where Jim Carrey says “Big gulps huh? Well, see ya later!”

You just never know what kind of element you’ll run across in the middle of nowhere.  Amazingly enough though, there are some people that frequent these stops more often than you think.

Here are five types of people you’ll see at a rest stop at 2AM

The “Regulars”

I guess depending on your location these would be your typical “white trash” contingent.  There are literally people who frequent convenient stores at this hour who know the people who work behind the counter.  But a regular could also be your construction worker who needs his coffee before going on shift.  It’s a tough call who the regulars will be but they do exist.

Other Travelers Like You

Rarely you’ll run into “normal” people at these middle of the highway gas station convenience stores but when you do it’s a welcomed feeling.  You can tell they’re traveling just like you and rarely want to be at these places.  It’s just so damned late and you’re not at your hotel yet.

The Scary People

These are the ones who are writing weird shit in the bathrooms.  These are the ones who have lazy eyes and stare at you.  Most times they are harmless but I’ll be damned if I look one of them in the eye.  You know the people I’m talking about.

Annoying Teens

There’s always bound to be some small town teens causing a ruckus at a convenient store at some point in the night.  The issue is when you happen to be there.  I was an annoying teen at one point in my life but I know I wasn’t a loud asshole in a convenient store.  I hate these kids.


They’re just making a living.  I hope they’re not doing anything else….


They’re just looking for free shit and arrest possibilities.

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