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Sep 22 2010

New Zealand School Taking Heat for Possum Throwing Contest

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Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. A New Zealand school is in trouble after people found out they hold a contest to see which student can throw a dead possum the farthest. It’s called the Poss Toss. No, this is not Alabama.

Local mother Kim Rodgers called for the practice to be canned.

“I think we should have respect. It’s not something we should do. It’s definitely not something we should be teaching children to do,” she told the Manawatu Standard.

“If it starts out with possums, it’s soon going to be cats when children have no respect for the dead.”

Principal of Colyton School Colin Martin said the children knew where to draw the line.

“Our kids are taught by the SPCA and the Department of Conservation that these animals are pests and quite destructive … That’s how the country kids look at it,” Mr Martin said today.

Ah, so because possums are evil, you can desecrate their bodies. I guess that makes sense. That’s why we all take turns beating dead murders and rapists with baseball bats right? I’m going with “too weird to let happen” on this one.

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