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Sep 21 2010

One of the Scariest Looking People Out There

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There are some people in this world who just don’t look normal.  And I’m not talking about people with physical ailments or anything like that.  I’m talking about people who appear to be in normal health but just look scary as all hell.

Honestly I haven’t seen someone as scary as this guy in a very long time.   I don’t know what kind of shit this dude is into but it has to be ritualistic and evil.

Check this guy out (if you dare) after the jump….

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14 responses so far

  • Anon

    Up until the topless pics, I thought that was a woman.

  • JP

    What`S up with the gyno and synthol? Not flaming use of anything but if you need to do, it do it right!

  • Mike

    Whatever he’s into it doesn’t matter. His Pecs and biceps look like they’ve been surgically altered aka plastic surgery, or something similar. Biceps definitely

  • John Matthews

    My first thought was this is a female bodybuilder who went way too far with steroids. Definitely scary.

  • Uncle`Fucker

    give me a gun….i will do it……

  • Cadu

    this thing sucked my soul in the moment I looked into its lifeless eyes

  • Fiona

    Stop posting pictures of me! Leave me aloooooooone..!!

  • http://finelinefightfactory.com Shaolin

    his windows is not genuine , DAT BASTARD!

  • Louie

    He actually looks pretty chill I guess, wonder where this is from?

  • dgrrl

    not real!! idk what anybody says, soooo not effing real

  • frodo

    It’s ‘shopped – you can tell, check out the shadows! There are also too many pixels that are wrong.

  • lojack

    okay, 1 part Olsen twin (eyes), 1 part Nicholas Cage (expression), 1 part Justin Bieber (hair), and 1 part I don’t know.

  • Yo

    Too much surgery dude,dudette leave the knife alone, It doesnt deserve what you’ve done to it >:O

  • thecleaner

    frickin weirdo, he looks like a south east ashun – possibly Indian, very vain people – and weird



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