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Sep 20 2010

The Most Distracting Beer Pong Opponents

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As beer pong continues to gain popularity in America there’s been a rise of skillful female beer pongers out there.   Now that doesn’t mean I’m saying the females are very good at the game.  Most I’ve come across are pretty bad.  However, they are starting to learn how to make the games last a hell of a lot longer…

By distracting the opposing team (assuming that team is male or lesbian).   I tell you I know I’d have a hard time hitting shots if a girl like the one above were standing across from me.

Speaking of distractions, here are a whole bunch of beer pong girls that would mess up your game….

I can handle a dude screaming at me in beer pong.  I can handle guys waving there arms and.doing annoyingly lame groin thrusts.  Hell I can handle spitting for Christ’s sake.  But a girl doing this at the other end of the table?  I’d have a hard time concentrating.  BTW, COED’s a great place for beer pong chicks.

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  • http://www.leamichele.info rachel from glee

    holy cow that girls is hot. school girl outfit is the best.



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