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Sep 20 2010

A Selection of Pimped Out Golf Carts

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I’m not to much of a golfer.  It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the sport.  It just means that I completely suck and don’t have the time to dedicate myself to getting better at it.   Not to mention all the walking involved.  Golf is a hell of a lot more tiring than people think.

I mean that’s why they have golf carts right?  And if I’m going to be using a golf cart I might as well be traveling around in style no?

Check out these pimped golf carts….

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  • http://golf-db.com/search/au Australia golf courses

    I know! I’ve been lucky. I play every year in the Isleworth member/guest and have seen Tiger on the range 3 of the last 4 years practicing. I’ve become somewhat friendly with him (as much as he will allow). Cool watching him hit balls from 8 feet away! One last thing on clubs. I’m 6′2″ and dropped my driver to 44 1/2″ and hit it just as far or farther from 45 1/2 which is pretty much stock on them now. Another good idea for most people. Hit the sweet spot more often and the ball will go further.



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