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Sep 17 2010

Parents of the Jersey Shore Cast With Appropriate Captions

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I fully admit that I enjoy watching The Jersey Shore.  It’s mindless entertainment of the purest sort.  The fact that these people are real is always a trip and the fact that I started doing “The Myspace Toolbox” back in 2008 and that I actually featured Pauly D is mind bending. For the record he used to go by the name “Hustler Italiano.”

And now that these kids are pseudo celebrities they’re getting the same treatment.  Like all celebrities people are always interested in their families so without further adieu, here are the parents of the Jersey Shore cast with appropriate captions…..

JWoww’s Dad

“How in the world could you have let that girl punch you in the face?  Oh yeah, that and am I a woman?   See my semi boob on the right side of this picture?”

Mike’s Mom

“Yeah I know your sister is a slut but whatever, at least Vinny is packing.”

Ronnie’s Dad

“Does that Sammi chick have a sister I can cheat on?”

Ronnie’s Mom

“Does dad have a girlfriend I can cheat on?”

Angelina’s Mom

“Who cares if you’re ugly?  Just grab all the attention and you’ll be fine.”

Vinny’s Dad

“Everything you have in this world is because of me.  Don’t you forget that.”

Vinny’s Mom

“Veal?  Pasta?  Love cakes?  What do you need?”

Sammi’s Mom

“Don’t ever let those boys break your heart.”

Pauly’s Mom

“I know that Situation guy has a small penis but I love his abs!”

Snooki’s Mom

“You’re adopted.”

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    I bet their parents are proud



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