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Sep 16 2010

What Kind of Class is This?

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Ah man. You know, I’d really like to believe that this is just prep for a class where a bunch of Asians are going to come in and learn CPR on these dolls. That would be nice.

However, I have a hunch that the class that meets here does far more devious things, and I have to admit I’m happy that there are no more pictures to go along with this one once class actually gets into session.

I never understood the appeal of sex dolls. How the hell do you actually get turned on by something like that?

UPDATE: Wow, buried in the picture file itself is the description:

Investigator takes photos of mannequins as they reconstruct the positions of Hong Kong tourist victims who were killed in the botched bus hostage rescue operation at the Department of Justice in Manila.

Everything went better than expected!

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