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Sep 16 2010

That Could Have Gone Better – Birthmom is a Hermaphrodite Bearded Lady

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Better know an editor time: I am adopted. Fun fact. Recently, my birthparents found me, and it turned out to be awesome. My mom used to be an international soccer player and my dad is COO of a big company. Turns out there’s a reason for why I’m so awesome. But I was very lucky, and adoption reunions can go a lot..differently than you’d expect. Richard Lorenc found that out the hard way.

Six weeks later he received a letter from the department saying it had the identity of his mother: Vivian Wheeler, now 62.

It also informed him that both his mother and his maternal grandmother had hypertrichosis, known as werewolf syndrome. Each had facial hair, even as children. The letter further stated that his mother was born a hermaphrodite, with both male and female reproductive organs.

Wheeler’s facial fuzz had appeared at birth with an inch and a half of light hair covering her cheeks and chin. She says her mother wanted a daughter, and doctors were instructed to remove the male parts.

But as it turns out, the son is a nice guy and is currently bonding with his man-mom.

Side note: Why do people want to pay to see a woman with a beard in a circus sideshow? Would they even know the real thing from a well glued on one?

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