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Sep 15 2010

A Wonderful Gallery of Sexy Surfer Butts

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That’s the thing about surfer girls man.  Or any other girl that can kick my ass at something.  It’s just very very sexy.   It’s kind of the opposite of a really hot chick that pisses me off.  She eventually will become ugly to me.  But a surfer girl?  She’s just so damned cool that no matter what she looks like she’ll become hot.

It also helps that these girls are in tremendous shape and let’s face it, have some of the best asses on the planet.  While I don’t normally do butt galleries I couldn’t pass up on this one.

Here is a great gallery of sexy surfer butts….

Good God are you kidding me?  Honestly I couldn’t care less what this chick actually looks like (assuming it’s bad).  With an ass like that?  I mean come on.  That’s just pure gold is it not?

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