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Sep 15 2010

How Not to Get a Girlfriend: A Video

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Oh man, this is the saddest, creepiest thing I think I’ve ever seen.

There’s some awkward kid from 4chan that likes this girl who is way too good looking for him. So what to do? Make a compilation YouTube video with that “She’s so hiiiiiigh above me” song playing and ask her to be your girlfriend.

I can see how in a young high schooler’s mind, this could be a good idea, but tell ANYone about it and they would tell you HELL NO.

Reportedly the kid got totally rejected, as you might imagine. No word about a possible restraining order now.

The friend zone sucks, but react appropriately guys. Let this be a lesson to you.

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  • Anon

    Judging by the furniture/setting in the background, he actually looks like a college kid. At one point he’s wearing a Clemson shirt, which will get you beat up at any college in the area except Clemson itself.



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