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Sep 15 2010

20 Rare Historical Pictures of New York City

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Ah to live and breathe in New York City.  Actually I did it for the last seven years and now that I’m out in the suburbs I gotta say:  I don’t miss New York City all that much.  Doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a fantastic place.  But when you’re me and you work from home it’s a little nicer to have trees around you and not hearing sirens 24/7.

I do however miss the proximity of things.  I miss the view from my old apartment.  Hell I even miss public transportation.  Actually that’s a complete lie.  I don’t miss that at all.  But if there’s one thing I do like about NYC it’s the rich history.  So much has gone on since settlers first moved that it’s hard to even begin anywhere.

Perhaps a good place to start is in pictures.  Here are 20 rare historical photos of New York City….

Thanks to Smashing USA for the photos

Even though this kind of a cool picture I can’t help but to think one thing:  most of these women never groomed.  Ugh, that’s awful.

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