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Sep 14 2010

Four Annoying “Firsts” in the Life of a New Homeowner

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Being a new homeowner is a great thing.   It’s incredibly gratifying to know that you own a house.  That you are paying for it with your own money.  And that with only 360 more payments it will be 100% yours.  But as much as you can anticipate everything that will happen there, nothing is set in stone.

You can’t possibly be prepared for all the little mishaps that will be going on.  The problem is that none of these things ever happened in your new place and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with them.

Here are four annoying “first” in the life of a new homeowner…..

First time your toilet gets clogged

When you live in the city in a doorman building it’s pretty easy to get shit fixed.  You call downstairs and they have a handy guy fix stuff in a matter of minutes.  Out here?  It’s a whole procedure.   You gotta get a service call, they assess the problem and then maybe they can fix it.  It’s a royal pain in the ass.  So you better hope that toilet don’t clog.

First time you get a stain that doesn’t come out

This actually happened to me the other day.  Two little kids were in my house and they had suntan lotion on.  Of course they go right over to my leather sofa and sit down.  Thing caused a nice and lovely white stain that will forever be there.  Granted I’ll have many more stains in my stay here, none will be more dramatic and climactic than the first.

First time your alarm goes off even though nothing set it

This is a major freak out moment.  I mean I know how to shut my alarm off.  However, the worst is when you’re out of town and there’s nothing you can do.  It’s really more embarrassing than anything else.

First time you get all your new bills

When you first move into a new home you’ve done your research.  You’ve approximated about 1000 times what everything is going to cost.  And yet you’ll receive about 10 extra statements or bills for stuff that you didn’t even know existed.  Isn’t that a pleasant surprise?

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