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Sep 13 2010

Five Guy Requests On Sunday Football Home Days

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Yesterday marked the first Sunday football day of the season.  It was a nice day.  I’m happy to say that I won my first week of betting.  A quick word on that.  I always put a tad on games.  Just enough to keep me interested but I will never bet above 50 bucks unless I had like $5000 from some lucky occurrence.

I don’t want to get into the actual games.  Rather I’d like to focus on something most guys do.  Sunday football is kind of a sacred day for most guys but there are tons of factors that can really screw it up.

There are five that I’d like to focus on and with the addition or removal of such factors it can really make or break that Sunday football day.  Bear in mind these only apply to when you are watching in your own home…..

No women

Hell of a day for my wife to have a friend over.  Are you kidding me?  They’re talking about Gossip girl and whatever else crap they have on their minds.  This is truly unacceptable.  Unless it’s some hot ass stripper who came to my house to serve me wings naked then I pretty much don’t want women around me from about 1pm onward.

No spilling

That’s what coasters are for.  Spilling is a big time buzz kill while watching the games.  No one like to have to clean shit up like stains on the rug, etc etc.  It just ruins the day whether you’d like to think so or not.

No getting up

Ideally with the exception of going to the bathroom no guy wants to get up on Sunday football.  Now, let’s make an amendment to the no women policy.  I’ll take a woman there if she can get me chips and such.  But ideally you want a set up where you have as little movement as possible (unless it’s your bowels).

Ample beer and food supply

This goes without saying.


Did you know the average football game only shows like a minute of cheerleading?  How ridiculous is that?  Just up it to 5 minutes and I’ll be happy.

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