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Sep 09 2010

Five Animals It Would Be Awesome to Ride if it Were Safe

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Just the other day I went riding on a wave runner.  I must say it’s an incredible thrill.  Not only is the speed awesome but jumping waves and doing all the bumpy stuff is a hell of a lot more fun than a Sunday drive.  And it got me thinking.  Other than a roller coaster, what other kinds of stuff out there could provide the same thrill?

My guess?  Riding certain kinds of animals.  I mean if it were safe that is.  Think about how cool it would be to strap on to a prehistoric animal or a really speedy one.

Here are five animals it would be awesome to ride if it were safe….

A Cheetah

Naturally one would want to ride the fasted animal out there.  It would probably feel like being on a motorcycle only a lot more vibration.  Something tells me it would be nothing like in Harold and Kumar movie.  Although how cool would it be to ride a cheetah on the highway next to a car doing 60 mph?

A Great White Shark

I’m pretty sure I’d be shitting my pants the entire time but it would be kind of cool riding an animal that tons of other animals fear.   Plus I would love tugging at it’s sharp teeth.


I know it’s not alive and all but riding something that’s this tall and fast would be one hell of an experience.  Apparently these guys went over 30 mph and the view must be spectacular.

A Lion

It just makes me think of He-Man.

Anything That Flies

This is a given but it needed a mention.  I don’t care what animal it is but the mere ability to be up in the air and free as being in a hang glider has got to be a thrill.  I’d probably want to be on a falcon that can dive at over 10o mph.

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