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Sep 08 2010

Asian Woman Hit by Falling Cat About to Sue 200 People

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I’m posting this story mainly for this awesome GIF of a f alling cat that goes along with it, but the news item itself is certainly curious as well. Who would have thought a falling feline could cause so much distress?

Tang Meirong, 53, of Chongqing city, was sent to hospital after being hit by the cat, reports Chongqing Business News.

“I was walking on the footpath under the building, and suddenly a heavy object hit my head. I remember nothing afterwards,” she said.

After regaining consciousness, Tang called police but the building manager told officers it would be very difficult to identify the cat owner.

Tang says she will sue all 200 residents whose flats face the street if none of them come forward to take responsibility.

Can you do that? If I live in a building where someone is shot, can the victim sue all of us until the perp comes forward? Maybe in Asia.

As for what happened to the cat? Uhhh, she’s totally fine. Don’t both clicking on the link to read what happened. She magically sprouted wings and flew away afterward and is totally not dead at all.

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