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Sep 07 2010

The Four Worst Possible Times To Masturbate

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We all do it. Guys and gals.  It’s part of our nature and frankly I’m not even going to get into arguing against people who think it’s wrong and against their religion.  If you’re not masturbating then you have very major issues in my opinion.  I mean how in the world can you NOT masturbate.  Honestly I don’t understand it.

Ideally when you masturbate you want to be in a very nice, enjoyable “zone.”  What I mean by that is it’s nice to not have any limits.  It’s nice to be able to stretch the boundaries a little bit.

But there are times when you feel you need to masturbate but conditions are just not ideal.  Here are four such conditions….

When you already have that day

I think that masturbating twice isn’t all that horrible as long as the time between is considerable.  However, if you’re doing the deed twice in a day for no reason at all then it’s just gonna wear on you.  Mentally it sucks and physically it’s a little painful.  Overall I’d say it’s better not to do it than to do it a second time in a day.

When it’s extremely hot and you are sweaty

I’ve masturbated when it’s a little chilly.  Honestly it’s not that horrible.  However, when it’s just too damned hot and it’s all gross and stuff?  Sure while you’re doing it you don’t think of the consequences but when the action is done you realize how uncomfortable you are.  It’s just not good, period.

When someone else is in the house

Nothing is worse than having to masturbate “secretly” or quietly.  You have to turn the volume on extra low (if you’re watching porn) or if you’re in the bathroom you have to run water or something.  It’s just never the same.  If you’re gonna masturbate you really can’t have any restrictions.

When you’re racing against the clock

Let’s say that you’re leaving soon.  Let’s say someone in your house is out at the grocery store.  There are situations when you think to yourself, “if I could just get one in there” and you’re then in a pressure situation.  Similar to when someone else is in the house it’s just never fun to be in a pressure spot when masturbating.

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