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Sep 03 2010

Five Little Things That Can Really Ruin Your Day

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I know that the title of this article is kind of vague but I think when you see what I’ve put on this list it will become much clearer.  My point is this.  There are plenty of big things out there than can really screw with your day.   Hell they can ruin your week, month or year.  A death in the family. getting really sick, losing a job are such things that qualify.

However, there are some pretty small things that in the grand scheme aren’t a big deal but that can severely piss you off.  To the point of pretty much ruining your day.

Here are five of those things…

Stepping in Dog Shit

How annoying is this?  It’s particularly bad when you’re wearing sneakers and the poo gets stuck in the rubber on the bottoms.  You have to use a stick to try and get it off and you’re deathly afraid it will get on your hands.  It’s absolutely brutal.  And let’s not forget about the smell.

Getting crapped on by a bird

Ever notice how this one happens and you have zero clue when it did? It’s like all of a sudden you take a look at your jacket and see this weird gray stuff on it.  It takes you at least five minutes and then you realize it’s bird crap.  God that’s annoying.

Getting a Splinter

Ugh.  I hate splinters.  Luckily these things come around like once a year.  They do no damage.  They’re not very harmful but they sting like a bitch and are always a pain in the ass to remove.

Paper Cut

I think we’re all in agreement on this one.

Scratch/Key Mark on Your Car

How awful is it to have a great day at work only to come to your car seeing it’s been keyed?  Of all these five things this one is probably the most serious because it can be expensive to get a new paint job.  But even a tiny mark will cause you to fume.  It sure as hell does me.

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  • http://maple8comic.blogspot.com 7U15MK

    Tripping at the stairs,
    Hitting your head on the door frame (obviously on baddly designed houses)
    Spilling hot coffee on yourself,
    Dog hair on your clothes,
    Stupid Pedestrians,
    Annoying Drivers… and so on

  • A. Emre Unal

    Keying/scratching a car is the sincerest form of flattery. Honest.



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